Hello, and welcome to Not Your Average Racing Blog. My name is Michael and I am a journalism student who also just happens be an avid motorsports fan. My goal is to become a reporter who covers auto racing for a major media outlet.  

For this blog, my goal is create quality racing news and opinion articles, photography and interviews to share with you, the motorsports enthusiast. I want to create a quality blog made for the fans by the fans.

In this blog, no topic will be off-limits. This isn’t going to be a NASCAR blog or an IndyCar blog or a Formula One blog. This is going to be a racing blog. Fans of all racing series are welcome here.

The reason why I chose the name Not Your Average Racing Blog is because I want this blog to be different from all of the other racing blogs out there. Not only is it my hope to interview current and former drivers, as well as post my opinions and reactions to racing news and events, I also want to use this blog to document the and describe the motorsports culture that exists on and off the track. As you and I both know, us race fans are a unique group of people. In addition to watching races and idolizing drivers, we all have our own sub-hobbies and celebrities that only exist within the racing world. In this blog I hope to highlight those who help make the racing fan community a positive and welcoming place.

All racing fans are welcome here at Not Your Average Racing Blog, and I hope you enjoy my first foray into motorsports journalism. I look forward to creating new and original content here and creating new friendships through this blog. I’m still working on the putting together the final pieces of the puzzle that is creating a blog, so be on the lookout for many new posts to come within the next few weeks. Until then, see you at the track!